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From Laura Inserra

I have been playing the Hang since 2003. From the beginning, my intention has been to develop an approach appropriate and inherent to the instrument itself instead of imposing any pre-existing percussive method. Over the years, this allowed me to develop a unique technique called MetaHang.

In this course I will teach you different ways to handle, hold, and play the Hang, how to create rhythms and keep the tempo in your body, how to play with no tension and build muscle memory, how to understand music through playfulness and active listening.

You will also be introduced to my Structured Improvisation Technique, which will allow you to play music while practicing, to compose while improvising, to release tension while immersing your body in music, and to express yourself - as music becomes an expression of your emotions. Enjoy it!


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About Laura Inserra

Laura Inserra is a sound alchemist. She lives and creates at the confluence of music from around the globe, wisdom practices, and cutting edge technology. Her career has been multifaceted — multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, sound therapist, composer, and producer.

She uses music as meaningful entertainment, as a tool for healing, as a boost for intuition, as a facilitator for creativity, as a way to harmonize a conversation, as guidance for group retreats, as medicine for inner transformation, as a medium to connect to the intelligence of the body.

She has been playing and teaching the Hang by PANArt since 2003. Over the years, she had developed a unique technique for Hang and handpan instruments called MetaHang, which will allow you to play music while practicing, to compose while improvising, to release tension while immersing your body in music, to express yourself richly as music becomes an expression of who you are. ​

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deep transformation, inner guidance, and healing arise.

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MetaMusic is the development of my work around the universal, transformative, and healing power of sound. Meta means beyond, transcendent. In this context music becomes experiential - a tool for self-inquiry, inner guidance, and deep transformation. MetaMusic Course is a 3-Part course on the use of sound and music as tools for self-exploration, sacred ceremony, and wellbeing.



“Laura is a truly gifted musician, composer, and teacher. She is incredibly skilled at teaching the complexities of the Hang: technique, sound, resonance, melody, incorporating the different voices and harmonies. I have immense gratitude and respect for Laura’s instruction and wisdom, talent and experience, and most of all, for the beauty and integrity of her relationship with the Hang.” - Deb Grant

"Laura Inserra is a dream of a music teacher. She is both classically trained and a gifted improviser. Laura is attuned to the needs and capabilities of her students. She know how to teach to their level, inspire confidence, and encourage excellence. She knows when to support and when to push to the next level of accomplishment. The lessons are fun and deep, beautiful paced, and build on one another." - Ahbi Vernon

"Working with Laura has been life changing on many levels. I made more progress with her in our first few lessons than I had made in a lifetime of trying with other teachers. I wish I could work with her every day!" - Austin Ahern

"Laura has been able to open and nurture a creative side in me that has laid dormant for decades. Her teaching style is intuitive and deeply rooted in the laws of nature and music. She is a master and she has the ability to teach the expression of emotions through sound in an effortless and personal way." - Wolfgang Stehr